Bobby Rushford is a fully qualified PGA Professional and Level 3 UKCC Coach. Bobby believes there is a better golfer within everyone. Bobby believes things can only be improved if we measure the results. With each lesson tools are used to measure data. These include Trackman, video technology and SAM Putt Lab

Bobby has over 5000 hours of coaching experience and is equally comfortable coaching elite players and beginners. Bobby’s philosophy revolves around the individual as each person’s swing is their own stamp. Bobby thoroughly believes in skill development, specifically on the golf course, we feel mixing playing and coaching offers the best chance of developing skills

We also offer the opportunity to play with and learn from David Booth, a playing professional. David’s coaching skills lie specifically in the short game and course management

We feel the combination of David and Bobby offers our clients a unique experience and best opportunity to develop as players

Coaching is included in a number of trips but any of the above can be added to any of other trips specifically the Premium Tour and Hidden Gems

Coaching We Offer

On Course Playing Lessons

Taking place at any course you choose, our playing Professional David Booth will join your group for either 9 holes or 18 holes. David will help you with, shot choice, strategy, course management and share experience of playing competitive tour golf. This is a great opportunity to test your game against a Professional golfer, imagine the respect you would gain if you beat him

To add this to any tour the cost is £100 for 9 holes or £175 for 18 holes (total cost for the group)